Marijuana Facility Licensing

Marijuana Licensing for Cultivation, Manufacturing and Testing and Land Use Changes 

Gunnison County requires a license, and a Land Use approval, for the cultivation, manufacturing, and testing of marijuana, and marijuana products. All activities associated with the operation of the facility must be conducted within the building and not be visible from the exterior of the business. 

The facility shall comply with the applicable building codes, adopted and amended by Gunnison County. State of Colorado Licensing requirements, and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment codes, and the requirements of the applicable fire protection district.  

Retail marijuana stores that sell marijuana shall be prohibited in unincorporated Gunnison County. Medical marijuana centers that sell marijuana shall be prohibited in unincorporated Gunnison County.  

The following links will provide you with applications, regulations, and answers to frequently asked questions;

Gunnison County Marijuana License Application (PDF)

Gunnison County LUR Amendment for Marijuana Facilities

Gunnison County Marijuana Licensing Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Administrative Review Land Use Change Application (PDF)

Minor Impact Review Land Use Change Application (PDF)

Gold Basin Industrial Park Regulations (PDF)

Gold Basin Industrial Park Application (PDF)

Complete Marijuana Information Packet- Includes all Items Cited Above (PDF)

** Gunnison County prohibits retail sales of marijuana in unincorporated Gunnison County

The Gunnison County Community Development Department will conduct a pre-application conference with each applicant. Please contact our office at 970-641-0360.