Consumer Protection

The Colorado Consumer Protection Division protects Colorado residents and visitors by preventing an array of health hazards.

The division will....

  • Assists consumers with complaints
  • Consults with regulated industries, communities, organizations, and individuals
  • Coordinate consumer protection activities with local, state, and federal agencies
  • Help control insects, rodents, and other vectors of animal borne diseases
  • Institute corrective actions for recognized public hazards in the marketplace
  • Monitor food, milk, drugs, and medical devices
  • Regulate consumer products and household substances
  • Regulate correctional facilities and schools
  • Regulate day care centers
  • Regulate food preparation environments such as restaurants, food manufacturers, and processing plants
  • Regulate, reviews, and investigates foods

State of Colorado Restaurant Inspections

Visit the Health & Human Services Consumer Protection page by clicking here. You can also Email Jenn Chavez, our Consumer Protection Specialist, or call the Health & Human Services department at (970) 641-3244 to contact our Consumer Protection department.

To report "Food Poisoning" call (303) 692-3645.


Visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment page by clicking here.  


Public health concerns about daycare centers, grocery stores, and schools may be directed to the division by calling (303) 692-3620, Faxing to (303) 753-6809, or by mail to the below address.

Colorado Consumer Protection Division
4300 Cherry Creek Drive S.
Denver, CO 80246