Online Payments

Some Gunnison County offices utilizes to process electronic payments. This online service includes a non-refundable portal administration fee that allows to deliver this, and other important services via the internet. See below for those fees. Convenience Fees for Online Payments
Credit Cards
$0.75 plus 2.25% of the total transaction
Debit/Electronic (eChack/ACH) Check
$1.00 per transaction

Point & Pay Services (County Treasurer)

The Gunnison County Treasurer office uses Point & Pay services to process electronic payments. This online service includes convenience fees to provide these services. See below for a listing of those fees.

Point & Pay Convenience Fees for Online Payments
Credit Cards2.5% with $2.00 minimum charge
Debit Cards$3.95
Electronic (eCheck/AHC) Checks$2.00

Steps to Pay

To pay your bill, please read the following instructions:

  • Have your Gunnison County bill or statement available
  • Have your credit card or bank account information available
  • Click the appropriate department in the below list to proceed to the payment processing interface
  • Make sure you have received a confirmation number to ensure your payment has been processed

What You Can Pay

Online payments to Gunnison County may be made for the following:

ATTENTION:  Monthly and Annual Long Term parking is NOT accommodated in the Short Term covered parking lot directly in front of the airport terminal building. Long Term parking at monthly and annual online rates is ONLY accommodated in the Airport East Parking Lot just three blocks east of the Terminal Building on Rio Grande Avenue. If you have any questions, please contact airport administration at 970-641-2304.

  • Parking Fees
  • Parking Tickets
  • ID Badges

Credit Cards

Credit card companies charge a fee to merchants for processing credit card payments. In most business, this is considered a cost of doing business, and the credit card charges are figured into the cost of merchandise.

However, Colorado State law dictates that County Treasurers collect the entire amount due, so we are not allowed to deduct the payment processing fees from the payments being made. Gunnison County does not receive any portion of the portal administration fee.