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Plan Goals

The purpose of this annual program is to establish a five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) in order to establish a logical implementation process.

The central goals are:

  • To identify the capital needs of the county for the next five years
  • To ease the review of the annual capital budget through a uniform process
  • To broaden public participation in the budget process by providing documentation and scheduling hearings early in the process
  • To link capital budgets with adopted policies and plans
  • To link capital expenditures with operation budgets
  • To increase coordination between departments, agencies, and other political jurisdictions
  • To research alternative means of financing projects

CIP Schedule for Adoption in 2021

  • August 30th - Distribution of the Departmental Instructions Manual
  • September 10th - All Departmental Submissions Due
  • October 1st - Draft CIP Returned to Department Heads
  • November 23rd - Board of County Commissioners Review Draft Plan
  • December 14th - Adoption of the CIP by the board of County Commissioners


The CIP will be considered annually and updated to add another year of projects. This process will identify the capital budget (first year projects) as well as projects to be implemented in the four subsequent years of the program in order of priority.