Archived Budget Documents

Please use the links below to view Gunnison County's award winning budget documents. Gunnison County tracks financial information in nearly 15,000 accounts. Providing that information in these budget documents would be too voluminous, but fine level detail is readily available upon request.

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Budget Approval Process

In accordance with Title 29 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, Gunnison County adopts an annual budget that presents a complete financial plan by fund for the fiscal year, that is January 1 through December 31.

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Any interested elector may file objections to the proposed budget at any time prior to the final adoption.  

 Date Activity
October 15th Submittal of Staff Proposed Budget to the Board of County Commissioners
October & November
Budget Work Sessions - the Board of County Commissioners meets to consider public input and revises the Staff Proposed Budget with changes they deem necessary.
Proposed Budget available for public inspection
Public Budget Hearing - Proposed Budget
December Budget Adoption 

Budget Law Information

Since the voters of Gunnison County have "de-Bruced" both non-tax and tax revenues, this places the county under the more liberal 5.5% Annual Levy Law limit, relative to property taxes. The 5.5% limit allows the county to realize all the revenue from new construction as well as allowing for an increase of up to 5.5% in the overall revenue realized from property taxes.

De-Bruced Revenues
On November 5, 1996, the county's electorate approved the following ballot question: "May Gunnison County, without any increase in County rates and without exceeding the property tax revenue limit, keep and spend for County services and capital expenditures, in 1996 and each year thereafter, any excess revenues from grants, fees, interest, sales tax, and all other revenue sources without being limited by the restrictions of Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution (commonly known as Amendment 1 and/or the 'Tabor Amendment')."

De-Bruced Property Tax Revenues
On November 7, 2000, the county's electorate approved the following ballot question: "May Gunnison County be authorized to collect, keep, and expend all revenues it receives from its property tax levy in 2001 and each year thereafter as a revenue change pursuant to Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution provided that nothing in this question authorizes the County to increase its permanent rate of levy without prior voter approval."