Sewer & Water Rates and Payments

Gunnison County operates five Divisions within the Gunnison County Sewer and Water District, including Dos Rios, Antelope Hills, North Gunnison, Somerset and Tomichi.

View the 2023 Rate Schedule (PDF)

View the 2022 Rate Schedule (PDF)

Tap Connection Fees

Please contact the Finance Office for information regarding current tap fees, as the fee is dependent upon a number of factors including water supply size and service location. 

Set Up Utility Service

Water and sewer service fees are attached to the real property served. Generally, your new service is set up during the closing process, when charges are appropriately prorated and a deed is supplied to the Finance Office. If you have obtained a property through foreclosure, have not utilized the services of a closing agent, or would like to verify the transfer has taken or will take place, please contact our office. 


Gunnison County does not allow anyone but legal owners to change the billing address for sewer and/or water bills since unpaid charges have the potential to become a tax lien upon the property. We generally recommend that lessors bill the charges to the lessee as a part of the rent. If you wish to have future bills sent to a secondary party, please complete a Change of Billing Responsibility Authorization (PDF). The Authorization requires an original signature and can be mailed to: 

Gunnison County Finance
200 E. Virginia Avenue
Gunnison, CO 81230

Pay Your Bill Online

You may pay your bill online by visiting our online payment interface.  

Automatic Recurring Payments

Unfortunately, Gunnison County does not currently offer this service. The insurance costs and legal requirements to maintain private, financial information are excessive and the relatively small user base served does not justify the added costs and risks to our users. We are monitoring options as they are developed as we are interested in providing this service to our customers sometime in the future.