Building Office


The Building Office function is to administer building codes in the unincorporated areas of Gunnison County.

The Building Office reviews applicant’s construction documents and routes them through all the appropriate internal review agencies.

The internal review agencies include Planning, Building, Environmental Health, Wildlife Conservation, and Public Works. Planning verifies permitted uses, setbacks, lighting, and building height. Building considers the construction of the building. Environmental Health reviews septic system design. Wildlife Conservation determines if the disturbance is in Sage-grouse habitat. Public Works manages reclamation and driveways.

Building Codes

The Gunnison County Board of Commissioners adopted the 2015 International Codes with amendments for use in unincorporated Gunnison County effective September 1, 2017, Resolution #17-23. A copy of each of the 2015 Codes is available to review in the Community Development Department, or you can purchase copies from the International Code Council, Product Orders, 1-800-786-4452, or from the Council’s website. Copies of the Gunnison County amendments to the Codes are available in the Community Development Department.

A building permit is required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move or change the occupancy of a building or structure.

One-story, detached, accessory structures without utilities less than 200 square feet in floor area are exempt from the building permit requirements ** provided that it is accessory to and incidental to that of a dwelling that is constructed and located on the same parcel.

An exemption from a building permit can be requested for agricultural structures when part of an agricultural operation and the parcel is classified as agricultural by the Gunnison County Assessor’s Office.


Please use the inspection phone line - 970-641-1011, to request inspections. Please give 48 hours notice, when requesting an inspection.