Permit Database

Gunnison County Community Development Permit Database.

The Permit Database is the Community Development database for use by the public to search and view applications, permits and attachments. The database includes Oil and Gas, Building, On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems (septic systems,)  and Land Use Change permit files. If you would like help accessing the database, please call our office at 970-641-0360.


  1. Open - Permit Database- (AKA- Public Access).
  2. Choose Permits - for Building or OWTS (septic systems) permits.
  3. Use - BP when searching for Building Permits and Use ISDS when searching for older Septic Permits and OWTS for newer systems.
  4. Choose Projects - for Land Use Change projects or Oil and Gas projects.
  5. Use-LUC when searching for Planning Projects and Use OG when searching for Oil and Gas Projects.
  6. Choose Licenses - for all licensed septic installers and cleaners.
  7. Search by:
    • Application Number
    • Address
    • Owner
    • Project Name
    • Primary Contractor
    • Parcel ID
  8. Attachments- the attachments tab will bring you to the documents in the file, click to view and click to print.

PermitDB Example Image


To view a map of all permitted oil and gas projects in Gunnison County you may use the COGCC GIS website link.