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2024 Update: Death Certificates must be recorded as a 2 page document with seal to be considered an original.


The purpose of the Recording Activity is to provide document recording services to the Gunnison County community so they can have their documents legally recorded in a timely and accurate manner.

Hours of Operation & Contact

Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Closed for Lunch, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.
(970) 641-2038

e-Recording Documents

Gunnison County encourages everyone to e-record documents. E-Recording is convenient, fast, and secure. Online recording will offset the time and cost of paper submittals, and reduces the cost of courier or postage, reduces rejections due to incorrect fees, increases security, and has a faster turn-around time.
Gunnison County currently uses the following vendors to e-record documents.

CSC eRecording Solutions
Corporate Service Company
(866) 652-0111
eRecording Partners Network
(888) 325-3365
Indecomm Global Services
(877) 272-5250
(800) 460-5657

In Office Availability

  • Real Estate Records from 1861 to current
  • Subdivision Plats, Ditch Plats, Town Plats. Surveys, Maps
  • Commissioner Resolutions, Ordinances, and Minutes
  • County Surveyor's Deposited Surveys

** All documents can be viewed in the office free of charge **

Online Records & Availability

Gunnison County now offers access to recorded documents online at iDoc Market.

  • Current the last 35 Years of documents are searchable online
  • We are currently scanning and indexing additional documents and will continue to update what is searchable online

Transfer Declaration (TD) 1000 For Property Sales

If applicable, any document granting or conveying ownership to real property must pay a state documentary fee per C.R.S. 39-13-102. Purchases less than $500.00 are exempt from the fee. The fee is calculated as $0.01 per $100.00 spent on the property. To access the form click here. Note that the TD1000 is NOT recorded and is kept confidential.

Recording Fees

Fee Schedule
IRS$8.00 per page
UCC 1-2 Pages$13.00
UCC 3+ Pages$18.00
UCC (e-Recording)$8.00
Mining Claims (1st Page)$8.00
Mining Claims (Additional Pages)$5.00 (Plus $0.25/Claim)
Survey Deposit$20.00
Plat (1st Page)$13.00 (Additional Plat Pages - $10.00 ea)
DOC Fee - $0.10/$1000.00 (Over $500.00)

Colorado State Statutes

Clerk & Recorder - Duties-Filing Requirements 30-10-406(3)(a)

  • 30-10-406(3)(a) All documents received for recording or filing in the clerk and recorder’s office shall contain a top margin of at least one inch and a left, right, and bottom margin of at least one-half of an inch. The clerk and recorder may refuse to record or file any document that does not conform to requirements of this paragraph (a).

Clerk & Recorder - Inspection of Records - 30-10-101(2.5)(c)

  • 30-10-101(2.5) (c) The clerk and recorder shall not be required to conduct a search of the real estate records in order to locate any document for copying or for any other purpose

Colorado Revised Statues As Amended (30-1-103)

  • View fees (PDF) associated with some Colorado State Statutes.