Titles & Registration

  1. Registration Requirements
  2. Insurance Requirements
  3. Purchasing
  4. License Plates
  5. Persons with Disabilities
  6. Manufactured Homes

Registration Requirements

All motor vehicles and trailers owned and operated by a Colorado resident must be registered. A named owner's secure and verifiable identification information is required to be presented for all new registration transactions.

Click here to download a checklist (PDF) of required items to prepare for your visit and to make sure you have everything you need.

Establishing Residency

  • Obtain employment in Colorado
  • Own or operate a business in Colorado
  • Reside in Colorado continuously for 90 days

Additional Requirements and Information

  • A Colorado based business, with branch offices in other states, may NOT title and register the business vehicle in Colorado unless the vehicles are physically located in the state.
  • A Letter of Authorization or a Corporate Resolution to Borrow / Grant Collateral Letter granting permission for the agent to act on behalf of a company is required to complete a new registration transaction.
  • Motor Vehicle registration must be completed within 90 days after becoming a resident of Colorado.
  • Motor Vehicle registrations must be completed within 60 days after purchase of a vehicle to avoid late fees of $25.00 per month, with a $100.00 max late fee.
  • Vehicle must be physically located in Colorado to register a vehicle. Colorado address is mandatory as the legal address.
    • A Post Office Box (PO Box) is not acceptable as a legal address but may be used as a mailing address.

Application Requirements

All applications for vehicle registrations must be made in the County Motor Vehicle Office in the county of residence. Criteria used to establish residency in the county is:

  • Business Address: Used when registering a business vehicle that is in the business name and where the vehicle is primarily operated and maintained.
  • Primary Place of Residence: Used when registering a personal vehicle.
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • When the place of residence or business address does not apply, the address where the vehicle is primarily domiciled and maintained may be used.

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