Community Services

Welcome to the Community Services page, a resource of other services provided by Health & Humans Services and the county at large. The left hand navigation provides links to additional services or you can review the information below to determine what service you may need. If you have questions you can always call the Health & Human Services department at (970) 641-3244.


Consumer Protection

As stated in its name, Consumer Protection provides services to help protect consumers by consulting with local businesses, providing health inspections for restaurants and care facilities, and investigate possible health concerns in Gunnison County. For additional information click the link above to go to their page.

Multicultural Services

Our Multicultural Services assists in providing access to healthcare through multilingual health navigation services. Along with interpretation and translation services for the community, they also assist with education in parenting, healthy eating, and active living among many other services. Use the link above or on the left for more information or to access their services.

Gunnison-Hinsdale Early Childhood Council (ECC)

The Gunnison-Hinsdale ECC provides information, training, and resources to assist in early childhood development, training and support for families with young children, and education. Visit their page for the wealth of information and resources for your use.

Be Tobacco Free

The Gunnison County Tobacco Education and Prevention Project (GCTEPP) provides information, education, and resources to help members of our community to stop smoking. Visit their page for online and local resources to help yourself or friends and family quit smoking.

County Board of Health

The County Board of Health consists of our Board of County Commissioners and the County Medical Officer. Visiting their page will provide information on meetings, location, and full member list.