Health and Well Being

Parents will have increased access to quality child health and mental health services and programs through early identification, consultation, and treatment.

As a Council we will:

  • Engage all types of prenatal care providers and family health care providers in the education of pregnant women and families with children on prenatal, infant, and young child on dental care, immunizations, and early identification on referrals.
  • Support the Gunnison County Immunization program to increase the percentage of children fully immunized by Kindergarten through education and promotion efforts, as well as addressing access.
  • Promote oral health messages to parents for early dental care to decrease the rate of childhood dental cavities.
  • Assist childcare and early education centers to achieve "Breastfeeding Friendly" status.
  • Collaborate with our community's existing social emotional mental health support, such as Pyramid Model Leadership Team, Family Advocacy and Support Team, and the Center for Mental Health to assist families in identifying an using social, emotional, and mental health supports.
  • Improve screening and referral process of medium to high risk children and direct appropriate resources and strategies to support this group.
  • Promote integrated social, emotional, and mental health services for families of young children.