Database Downloads

This downloadable Excel spreadsheet contains the records within the Assessor’s office database and is designed to be used for reporting needs by the public. Gunnison County has used all reasonable efforts to ensure that the data does not contain any inaccurate information. However, we make no guarantees as to the accuracy or timeliness of the data. Personal property, natural resource, oil & gas and possessory interest accounts are not included in this data set.

ACCOUNT, LOCATION, LEGAL & OWNERSHIP file  (Excel)    Date of file: 5/17/2023


ACCOUNT VALUES file   (Excel)    Date of file: 5/17/2023

ACCOUNT VALUES data definitions (PDF)

BUILDING ATTRIBUTES file  (Excel)    Date of file: 5/17/2023

BUILDING ATTRIBUTES data definitions (PDF)

LAND ATTRIBUTES file  (Excel)    Date of file: 5/17/2023

LAND ATTRIBUTES data definitions (PDF)

SALES file  (Excel)    Date of file: 5/17/2023

SALES data definitions (PDF)