Property Owner Responsibility

It is your responsibility, as a property owner and property tax payer, to contact the taxing entity or attend the annual budget meetings if you have any questions or concerns about how your tax dollars are spent. It is important to understand what it takes to operate the taxing entity’s operations, and what the challenges are – current and future – that it faces. There are often many issues that affect the budget, which aren’t readily apparent, such as federal or state mandates on services, standards, and personnel qualifications. Then there are other issues that are more obvious such as rising fuel costs, a heavy snow year, aging infrastructure, or expanded school enrollment. Become informed about the services provided in your area.

Don’t wait until after you receive your tax bill to question the tax rate. If you are interested in being involved, it’s important that you participate in the taxing entity’s budget process that occurs each fall. The budget hearing dates are published in the paper, and you can also contact the Gunnison County Taxing Authorities (PDF) directly.