Open Records Requests

On September 7, 2010 (later amended on January 13, 2015), the Board of County Commissioners formally adopted guidelines for handling requests for public records to include the wait time for inspection of records and the county's ability to charge fees for staff time spent in researching and retrieving public records in response to a request. The uniform procedure for handling requests for public records, deemed modified by additional or new language added to the Colorado Public Records Act C.R.S 24-72-201 et. seq., simplifies the process for county personnel and provides more efficient responses to the public.

What Types of Records Are Available Without Filing a Formal Request?

A great deal of information can be made available to the public without completing the official request form. To obtain any of the following information, please contact the relative department or entity:

  • Clerk & Recorder's Office - Meeting Minutes, Marriage Certificates, and nearly all other recorded documents can be obtained by calling the Recording at (970) 641-2038
  • Health & Human Services - Birth/Death Certificates. Health & Human Services can be contacted at (970) 641-3244 for questions.
  • Treasurer's Office - Property Tax Bills/Records, Tax Payment receipts. Treasurer's Office can be contacted at (970) 641-2231.
  • Gunnison Combined Courts - court case files, divorce decrees

Request Form

You have two options when making a Public Records Request, review below.

  • Online Form - Click here to fill out the online form which will be submitted automatically for review
  • Offline Form - Click here for a fillable form that you can submit via email, fax, mail, or in person