Gunnison County Electronic Foreclosure Documents Policy

Pursuant to § 38-38-112, C.R.S., as amended, any document or record related to a foreclosure may be accepted by the public trustee in an electronic format or may be made available to the public by the public trustee in an electronic format. Also, the public trustee shall establish and uniformly apply policies determining whether and the extent to which the public trustee shall accept documents or records in electronic form.

Foreclosure documents

Foreclosure documents accepted in electronic form by Gunnison County Public Trustee

  1. Notice of Election and Demand for Sale (tiff or word format only)
  2. Copy of the original Evidence of Debt with certification
  3. Copy of the original recorded Deed of Trust with certification
  4. All mailing lists (Word format only)
  5. Written statement from the county assessor for purposes of determining whether a property is agricultural or non-agricultural
  6. A Notice of Intent to Cure
  7. A Cure Statement
  8. Withdrawal of Election and Demand
  9. Initial Sale Bid
  10. Amended Sale Bid
  11. Notice of Continuation of Sale
  12. The Order Authorizing Sale
  13. A Notice of Intent to Redeem
  14. A Statement for Redemption
  15. Copies of recorded instruments evidencing the junior lien
  16. Statements of the amounts due on junior liens
  17. Written authorization from the holder of a Certificate of Purchase allowing for a “short” redemption
  18. Assignment of Certificate of Purchase
  19. Assignment of Certificate of Redemption
  20. A request for excess funds

Foreclosure documents not accepted in electronic form by Gunnison County Public Trustee

  1. Original Promissory Note
  2. Original Deed of Trust

Document submission

Documents submitted in electronic format should be to the Public Trustee’s office directly to or uploaded through Government Technology Systems.
If submitting via email, please also submit the Foreclosure Import Template.  Do not copy and paste.  Manually input spreadsheet information and do not change any fields. 

If submitting directly through Government Technology Systems, note that Gunnison County Public Trustee utilizes the PUSH Foreclosure Submission System, where you can upload your first legal package, manually enter your package submission, or integrate your system to automatically upload your package into the GTS fields. To set up an account or integrate your system, email Will Gosnell or call 303-875-2301.
Please direct all emails to for assistance.