What do I do if I need a septic system?

Contact the Environmental Health Office at 970-641-5105 for an On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Permit Application. Once the application is completed and submitted, we will do an inspection of your site to insure the system can be constructed in compliance with Colorado and county regulations and that soil and ground water conditions are satisfactory for a septic system. Once your septic system has been constructed by a licensed septic system contractor, we will perform an inspection to insure that the contractor constructed the system to meet current regulations.

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1. What do I do if I need a septic system?
2. What do I do if my septic system is failing?
3. Why is it necessary to have my septic tank pumped?
4. What kind of information needs to be considered in planning a new residential subdivision that will use septic systems for sewage disposal?