Why not go electric?
Electric passenger vehicles are getting better all the time and are a great choice to lower environmental impact of transportation. However, there are no electric trucks that can meet our needs like carry a load, pull a trailer, or have a long range and in heavy vehicles like buses the range, charge times and initial cost are prohibitive.

Furthermore, the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support our local economies. Natural gas vehicle fuels does both:

*Initially by converting to natural gas our fleet vehicles will reduce emissions significantly; 30% less CO2 and less than half of other harmful emissions like NOx.

*In the long term renewable sources of natural gas could be developed across the county. Natural gas is methane typically derived from drilling but we could develop methane harvesting in our sewage treatment, from bio-waste, and from forest products. Renewable natural gas for vehicle fuel would make the vehicles using it carbon neutral or even carbon positive because it is putting to use a greenhouse gas that otherwise would be exhausted into the atmosphere. Below are some links to more information including how the City of Grand Junction is using renewable natural gas in their CNG fleet.



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1. What about electric vehicles?
2. Why not go electric?
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7. Isn’t CNG pretty new technology? Shouldn’t we wait till it gets figured out better?