What about electric vehicles?
Electric passenger cars are getting better and less expensive every year, Tesla is leading the way with vehicles that can go up to 270 miles on a charge. With competition in the market and electric cars starting to be cool (there’s even an electric Corvette now!), should we just wait and go to electric?

Unfortunately, when it comes to light trucks and heavy trucks and equipment there is no real electric alternative and it is not likely to happen soon. There are some electric hybrid heavy trucks in development, but they have very narrow use because of the power limitations. There are electric buses in production, but they have limited range; the longest range buses offered now would only make two trips on the RTA route before needing to recharge for several hours.

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1. What about electric vehicles?
2. Why not go electric?
3. What is the cost?
4. Can vehicles be converted to CNG?
5. What is the Environmental Impact?
6. Are CNG vehicles safe?
7. Isn’t CNG pretty new technology? Shouldn’t we wait till it gets figured out better?