How do I transfer Disabled Veteran (D/V) license plates to a newly purchased vehicle?
If the Disabled Veteran license plate was issued by your County Motor Vehicle office please visit that office with one of the following ownership documents:
The Certificate of Title for the new vehicle or
Title complete notice for the new vehicle.
If the Disabled Veteran license plate was issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles, Registration Section as an exempt license plate please submit the following ownership documents.

The Certificate of Title in the name of the disabled veteran for the new vehicle (if applying in person); or
A photocopy of the title for the new vehicle; or
Copy of the DR 2574, computer generated title application for the new vehicle; or
Copy of the registration/title receipt providing the title information has previously been submitted to the State Title Section.
A copy of the current registration for the vehicle for which the D/V plates are being transferred from.
Proof of insurance and Secure and Verifiable Identification Document (SVID) are required. Please do not fax or mail a copy of your SVID. Complete the DR 2842 Supplemental Secure and Verifiable Identification Information and Attestation Clause form.
Proof of emission may be required depending on the county of residence and the vehicles’ year of manufacture.
Documents may be submitted:

In person: By Mail:
Department of Revenue Vehicle Services Unit 1881 Pierce Street Lakewood, CO 80214 Title and Registration Section PO Box 17350 Denver, CO 80217-3350
By Fax (303)205-5978

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