Are there exceptions to the vehicle registration late fees?
There are instances when the registration late fees may be waived.
If the owner of a vehicle who is active in the military serving outside Colorado when the registration grace period expires and the vehicle has not been operated on any public highway in Colorado between the time the registration period expired, including the grace period and the time the vehicle is registered.
If a vehicle is used to operate a commercial business as part of the normal operation of the business is exempt late fees if the vehicle has not been operated on any public highway in Colorado for one full registration period.
If a vehicle was reported as stolen and then recovered.
The $10 late fee is not eligible for the late fee waiver or reduction authorized pursuant to HB10-1212, except for commercial vehicle trailers and farm vehicle trailers. See commercial definitions example and C.R.S. 42-3-112(1,5)(b) for additional details. C.R.S. 42-1-102(17.5) “Commercial Vehicle” means a vehicle used to transport cargo or passengers for profit, hire, or otherwise to further the purposes of a business or commercial enterprise.
Example: Transaction date is July 20, 2010. Registration of a commercial trailer expired February 2010 with a one month grace of March 2010. The late fee due is $85. This includes $25 each month for the months of April, May and June and $10 for the month of July.
The $10 late fee may be reduced or waived on this commercial trailer independently if it has not been operated on the roads for one full registration period.

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