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  • Peter Caloger, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Mike Babler, Alternate Member, Expires 2/2020

At-Large / Development

  • Erich Ferchau, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Vacancy, Alternate Member

At-Large / Recreation Community

  • Tim Kugler, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Vacant, Alternate Member, Expires

Bureau of Land Management

  • Elijah Waters, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Kathy Brodhead, Alternate Member, Expires 2/2020

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

  • J Wenum, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Nathan Seward, Alternate Member, Expires 2/2020

Gunnison County BOCC

  • Jonathan Houck (Chairperson), Regular Member
  • Phil Chamberland, Alternate Member

Gunnison County Stockgrowers' Association

  • Greg Peterson, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Don Sabrowski, Alternate Member, Expires 2/2020

High Country Conservation Advocates

  • Sue Navy, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Matt Reed, Alternate Member, Expires 2/2020

National Park Service

  • Theresa Childers, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Kim Hartwig, Alternate Member, Expires 2/2020

Natural Resources Conservation Service

  • Dan Olson, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Liz With, Alternate Member, Expires 2/2020

Saguache County BOCC

  • Vacant
  • Vacant

US Fish & Wildlife Service

  • Ann Timberman, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Mark Brennan, Alternate Member, Expires 2/2020

US Forest Service

  • Matt Vasquez, Regular Member, Expires 2/2020
  • Matt McCombs, Alternate Member, Expires 2/2020

Committee Vacancies

Please call 970-641-7600 for information related to any county board or commission vacancy.

Notice of Gunnison County, BLM and USFS Road Closures

The cooperation of the public is required to successfully implement these road closures. The closures will aid in the preservation of the Gunnison sage-grouse.

The following roads will be closed from March 15th through May 15th: Airport Road (W Mountain); CR #7, Miller Lane; CR #25, Pine Creek, HWY 50 (N) end; CR #25, Pine Creek, (S) end past Blue Mesa Estates; CR #26, Sapinero Mesa at current winter closure gate HWY 50 (N) end; CR #26, Sapinero Mesa, HWY 149 end at current winter closure gate; CR #32, McCabe Lane, at cattle guard past Moncrief Ranch; CR #51B, Sun Park, just past intersection with Overlook Drive; CR #62, Razor Creek at BLM boundary; CR #743, Lost Canyon, at existing winter closure gate; CR #818, Wiley Lane at private/ BLM boundary on S end; CR #818, Wiley Lane at intersection with Mill Creek Road. All FS roads within the Flat Top Mountain area including FS Road #829, Henkel Road at CR 730; FS #860, Smokey Bear Road at HWY135; FS #862 at 860 Road; FS#863 at 860 Road; FS #955 at 829 Road; FS #603 along Alkali Creek. The U.S. Forest Service closures extend through June 15 to protect nesting Gunnison Sage-grouse.

The following roads will be closed by March 15th, but could be closed earlier if muddy conditions exist; they will reopen on May 15th: BLM #3038, Kezar Basin Road; BLM #3038 Nine Mile Hill west of HWY 149; CR #61, Pole Creek road; BLM #3061 Hartman Rocks roads south of powerline; Hartman Rocks powerline road east of South Beaver Creek; BLM #3061 south entrance into Hartman Rocks; CR #72, Tomichi Heights, closure at BLM boundary; CR #42, Six Mile Lane at existing gate on BLM boundary; BLM #3107 Cabin Creek road at HWY 50; BLM #3106 Dry Gulch road at HWY 50; BLM #3106 Sewell Rim Road at HWY 50; South Parlin Flats access road off HWY 114 near mile-marker 5; BLM #3076, South Parlin Flats access road off HWY 114 near mile-marker 7; Camp Kettle Gulch road off HWY 114; BLM #3103 North Parlin Flats road; CR #43, South Parlin Flats, approx 0.4 mi S of HWY 50; Roads off CR#44 accessing Woods Gulch area; BLM #3096 off south end of CR#44; Poverty Gulch road off Doyleville Cutoff road; BLM #3094 Tomichi Dome road; BLM #3073 Krueger Ranch road; BLM #3067 Stubbs Gulch access at Gold Basin shooting area; BLM #3108 north side of HWY 50, 3 miles east of Gunnison.

Three additional roads in the Hartman Rocks area were closed in anticipation of winter conditions and ski trail grooming. These will reopen when the roads dry out. These roads are: Hartman Rocks northwest entrance; BLM #3061 at McCabes Lane (CR32) entrance; and Hartman Rocks powerline access off CR #38(Gold Basin road).

Forest Service Roads in the Flat Top Mountain area will be closed through June 15th to protect nesting Gunnison Sage-grouse.

Copies of the closure list and maps are available at Gunnison County Public Works, 195 Basin Park Drive; Gunnison County Administration office, 200 E. Virginia; Colorado Parks and Wildlife office, 300 W. New York; Bureau of Land Management office, 210 West Spencer, Unit A, and the U.S. Forest Service office, 216 N. Colorado, Gunnison, Colorado.

These closures apply to all motor vehicles. Do not park at the closures in a manner that blocks access through the closure gates. For additional information call Gunnison County Public Works at 641-0044; the Gunnison County Wildlife Conservation Coordinator at 641-7604; BLM at 642-4940; or the U.S Forest Service at 641-0471. 

Map and Closure List (PDF)