Bid Title: Development of a Subarea Master Plan
Category: Administration
Status: Closed


Request for Proposals for the Development of a Subarea Master Plan.

Gunnison County and the City of Gunnison have prioritized the development of the north Gunnison subarea (as described in the City of Gunnison’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan) for future development and potential annexation. The area is located along State Highway 135 and is experiencing increasing development pressure. The City and the County are seeking to create a plan that reflects the community values of avoiding sprawl and supporting development patterns that are similar to those within the city limits. The Comprehensive Plan states, “The North Gateway Subarea largely defines the area where the City will consider annexation and incremental growth within the three-mile area. Should parcels in the North Subarea be annexed into the City, their land use and zoning designations should reflect similar use and level of intensity to adjacent land uses currently within the municipal boundary.”

For all information please download and review the related document.

Publication Date/Time:
12/21/2021 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
2/11/2022 5:00 PM
Contact Person:
Proposals and questions shall be submitted in digital form to:
Cathie Pagano, Director of Community and Economic Development
Special Requirements:
RFP Release Date: December 15, 2021
Questions Due: January 14, 2022
Responses to Questions Due: January 21, 2022
Proposals Due: February 11, 2022
Proposal Requirements

1. Letter of Proposal and Commitment: This letter should identify the firms and key staff who will be working on the project, and commit them for the duration of the project, if selected. The letter should also state that the firm has read and understands the requirements of the RFP. This letter must be signed by a duly authorized official of the appropriate firm.

2. Qualifications: This refers to the ability of the proposer to meet the terms of the RFP, and should include at least three examples of projects (with contact information for lead client staff contact of such projects) completed within the past five years that will confirm the proposer’s expertise in providing comprehensive planning services. Examples must be specific to the key staff identified in (1) and be at or near completion at the time of submitting the RFP.

3. Methodology and Approach: Provide a comprehensive description of proven methods and plans for carrying out the Project Scope as detailed above. Philosophical approach to individual and team work should be considered as a part of this request.

4. Additional Items: Include all other pertinent information regarding this RFP, particularly anything that the proposer feels addresses why its business or team would be a good match for this project.

5. Schedule: Proposer shall submit a preliminary timeline of dates and schedule for the planning process including, but not limited to, start date, proposed end date, public meeting dates, draft product dates, etc.

6. Rate Schedule: Proposer shall submit a schedule of rates and total costs applicable to the RFP. Rates shall reflect the allocation of key staff personnel and subcontractors to the project. This schedule of rates should include all information regarding reimbursable, ancillary services, payment schedules to subcontractors, add-ons, etc.

7. Add Alternate: Cost proposal to include additional master planning assessment to the West of city limits on Highway 50 to County Road 18, and an update of the Three Mile Plan and City/County IGA to function as an effective enforcement tool for achieving project goals

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