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Pre-Application Conference Request Form

  1. Request for Pre-Application Conference
    Concerning potential development in Gunnison County Sage-Grouse occupied habitat.

    I / We the undersigned request that the Gunnison County Planning Department coordinate and schedule a pre-application conference as allowed by Section 11-106: Protection of Wildlife Habitat Areas, amended.

    The parcel that we own is located, by legal description, at:
  2. This is to clearly indicate where the parcel is located.
  3. I / We understand that upon receipt of this request, Gunnison County staff, and as available, a representative of the Colorado Division of Wildlife will meet with the owner or owner's representative onsite.

    The meeting is meant to identify issues related to the proposed development and Gunnison Sage-Grouse habitat and lek locations (as applicable) and to identify any potential solutions.

    The Planning Department shall coordinate the scheduling of the meetings. As applicable, Gunnison County shall also consider the comments / reports of my wildlife / ecologist, or similar qualified expert.
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    To submit a hard copy of this form, select print and fax to 970-641-8585, or mail to:
    221 N. Wisconsin St.
    Suite D
    Gunnison, CO 81230
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