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Safety Presentation (2019)

  1. Information

    This form is so you may provide feedback regarding the Safety Presentation in August 2019 anonymously unless you wish to provide your name/information at the end of the form. Please note any areas marked with a * or colored Red are required fields.

  2. Emergency Quick Guide*

    On the below scale, please rate how valuable you found the Emergency Quick Guide portion of the presentation.

  3. Active Shooter Presentation*

    On the below scale, please rate how valuable you found the Active Shooter portion of the presentation.

  4. Do you use the Safety Center App?*

  5. Do you use the Emergency Quick Guide?*

  6. Are you registered for Code Red Alerts?*

  7. Would you be interested in any of the following trainings?*

    Select all items that interest you. If you select Other as one of your options, please fill out of the comment box with specifics.

  8. We value your feedback and constructive criticism and ask you provide that information here. Please also provide possible solutions for any criticisms offered.

  9. Optional: Would you be interested in volunteering for the EOC Staff? (supervisor approval required)*

    Please note that the answers provided above are anonymous UNLESS you select Yes for this question, in which case we will ask for your name and department. If you opt in to volunteering we will reach out to you and your supervisor. If you have questions you can contact the EOC at x2481 before submitting this form.

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