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Gunnison County
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Events Review
Review Process-ACTIVE: Slight delay while navigating recent updates.
ERMA Required: For events where attendance will exceed more than 25 Indoors or more than 50 Outdoors.
Self-Certification Tool: Advised use for events where attendance will be less than 25 Indoors1 or less than 50 Outdoors1.
Current Maximums: Up to 50 Indoors2 or up to 2502 Outdoors
Events planned more than 1 month out or more: Approvals will be provisional with final approvals being issued closer to the event date (click here to see the Events Review FAQ for more details regarding provisional approvals).
1 - event areas must still be spacious enough to allow physical distancing to be maintained
2 - separated groups of 250 may be considered with additional evaluation

Thank you for your support in keeping our community healthy, safe, and open.

Events Review during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gunnison County Health and Human Services convened an Events Review Team and developed a process for events and gatherings to keep our Valley healthy, safe, and open.

What are defined as events or gatherings during this pandemic?

An event is defined in the 10th Revised Gunnison County Public Health Order as “a gathering for business, social, or recreational activities, or a location that engages in or allows for such activities; that takes place indoors or outdoors, including, but not limited to, community, civic, public, leisure, or sporting events; parades; concerts; festivals; assemblies; conventions; fundraisers; restaurants (regardless of capacity); community recreational centers; ice rinks; and similar locations and activities”.

Events Review Team

If you have a question or want to schedule a phone call, please reach out to the Events Review Team using the below information.

Nicole Stone (Team Lead)
P: (970) 642-4666
E: Events Team Email

Quick Links

Additional Information about the Event Risk Mitigation Application (ERMA) and Self-Certification Form

These tools are consistent with the 7 Commitments of Containment, standing public health orders, and general public health best practices to reduce risks and transmission of COVID-19. Please be aware that all approved events and gatherings are subject to change based on the Coronameter and public health order requirements under the current status, including requirements set by the Public Health Director.

Events Risk Mitigation Application (ERMA)

  • An initial review can take up to 10 business days.
  • Follow-up questions or suggested revisions will be communicated via email. Please keep in mind that follow-up questions/clarifications will add time onto the review process, please be as detailed and thorough as possible.
  • We encourage event planners to add as a contact to prevent emails going to spam.
  • To complete and submit ERMA, please click here. You will have the option to create an account and save your progress.

Self-Certification Form

  • This tool is intended to help smaller gatherings (that do not require an event permit) stay in compliance, stay safe, and reduce risks which is critical even with a small number of attendees.
  • At the end of the form is an option to request additional support from an Event Review Team member - we are here to help and will follow-up within 10 business days.
  • The submitted form will be retained for HHS records.
  • To complete and submit a Self-Certification form, please click here. You will have the option to create an account and save your progress.

If you are unable to complete the ERMA online form, please email the Events Review Team for an alternative option.

Events Information and Resources
The Events Information and Resources (EIR) document is a compilation of several tools and resources, with hyperlinks to websites to assist planning your event. Links include current local public health orders and state executive orders, as well as a link to the Gunnison County COVID-19 website that has additional resources.

The Events Review Team is available to help if you are planning or thinking of planning an event. Please email for additional information and support or to schedule a phone consultation. Click here (PDF) to view the EIR page or use the links to the right.