Sales Tax Chart and Fees


Title Fee $7.20
Vin Inspection (Issued by Colorado Law Enforce or licensed Colorado car dealership) $10.00
Duplicate Title $8.20
Temporary Permit $7.03
Lien Filing
Page size 8.5 inches wide up to 14 inches long - $5.00 / printed side
Page size over 8.5 inches wide or longer than 14 inches - $10.00 / printed side

Registration fees

Registration fees are comprised of both LICENSE FEES and OWNERSHIP TAX.

License Fees: These fees are based upon the age and weight of the vehicle. They can range from fifty (50) to several hundred dollars. The average LICENSE FEE for passenger vehicles and light trucks is approximately $125.00.

Ownership Tax: Ownership tax is based on the age and TAXABLE VALUE of the vehicle. TAXABLE VALUE is a percentage of the MSRP (Manufacture Suggested Retail Price) or list price when new. See the percentages in the chart below. Take the TAXABLE VALUE times the percentage based on the age of the vehicle.

Example: I purchase a passenger vehicle whose model year is last year. The original list price was $33,580. To estimate my fees, I take the list price x 85% x 1.5% and then add the license fee: 33580 x 85%= 28543 x 1.5%=428.15 plus 125.00 = $553.15

Taxable Value
Passenger Vehicle = 85% of M.S.R.P. (Sticker Price) Light Truck = 75% of M.S.R.P. (Sticker Price)
Year(s) of Service
Manufacture year is first year of service
1st2nd3rd4th5th through 9th
2.1% of
Tax Value
1.5% of
Tax Value
1.2% of
Tax Value
0.9% of
Tax Value
0.45% of
Tax Value
10th year and Greater - Minimum $3 per year

A named owner must be present with their ID in order to title, register and obtain a temporary permit. If you cannot be present, you must provide a Colorado notarized power of attorney form appointing an agent to do your transaction on your behalf. This form is available on the State of Colorado's DMV website.

Business owners must provide a Letter of Authorization stating agents authorized to do transactions on behalf of the business.

Sales / Use Tax

Sales tax is due at the time of titling. The tax is based upon your purchase price and your legal address at the time of purchase.

Legal Address Tax Percentage
Live in Colorado2.9 %
Live in Gunnison County1%
Live in town of Crested Butte4.5%
Live in city of Gunnison4%
Buyer and seller both in Mt. Crested Butte5%
Buyer and seller both in Marble

Gunnison RTA Sales Tax