Persons With Disabilities

The State of Colorado issues license plates and placards to qualified persons with disabilities to park in reserved parking spaces. Disability parking is provided to assure that individuals requiring additional space to enter or exit their vehicles have the needed space and provide parking as close to the main entrance of a facility. The disability privilege allows a qualifying individual to park in any space marked with the International Symbol of Access.

The State of Colorado offers identifying license plates and placards for persons with disabilities to park in reserved parking spaces.

 A person with a disability may apply for: 

Identifying license plates or placards shall be issued to such person by submitting a completed DR 2219 Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges Application (PDF) to the County Motor Vehicle Office. The application must be signed by the applicant or representative.

To be considered "disabled" and eligible for persons with disabilities license plates and/or placards, the applicant must meet one of the criteria below and have it verified in writing by a Professional*.

  1. Mobility: Persons who cannot walk two-hundred feet without stopping to rest.
  2. Assisted Mobility : Persons who cannot walk without the use of, or assistance from, a brace, cane, crutch, another person, prosthetic device, wheelchair, or other assistive device.
  3. Respiratory: Persons who are restricted by lung disease to such an extent that the person's forced (respiratory) expiratory volume for one second when measured by spirometry is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than sixty mm/hg on room air or at rest.
  4. Oxygen: Persons who use portable oxygen.
  5. Cardiac: Persons who have a cardiac condition to the extent that the person's functional limitations are classified in severity as class III or IV according to the standards of the American Heart Association.
  6. Other: Persons who are severely limited in their ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition.

Replacement Placards:  Persons with Disabilities Placards may be replaced to the original applicant with the same expiration date as the originally issued placard without a new verification from a medical professional. If the placard has been lost, stolen, mutilated, or otherwise damaged and the replacement placard is being requested prior to the expiration date, the damaged or mutilated placards should be surrendered to the Authorized Agent for replacement. Provide a copy of the DR 2574 Registration Receipt for the placard being replaced as proof for replacement validation.

Customers may elect to be issued a new placard, re-setting their three (3) year certification date by completing a DR 2219 Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges Application (PDF) with a professional's validation.