Crested Butte Youth CouncilCrested Butte Youth Council

With the leadership of GCSAPP and the support of the Crested Butte Town Government, students formed the Crested Butte Youth Council (CBYC) in 2009. Comprised of representatives and a general body the council works in a trifecta of community spheres.

Community Service

Council members work with the community on service projects as well as contribute to existing community service organizations and programs such as the CB Town Cleanup, Rotary Club, Partners Mentoring, and the Crested Butte Arts Festival.

Town Government

The Youth Council works with the mayor and Crested Butte Town Council on informing policy and working together on shared goals. The CBYC give quarterly updates to the Town Council and are currently working on a shared No Impact initiative to reduce energy use in Crested Butte.

Youth Empowerment

Based on student interests and needs, the council plans events for middle and high school students such as concerts and dances to not only provide area youth with entertainment, but also promote safe, alcohol, and drug free opportunities for youth in the valley.

DiversityLatino Boys Group

The Latino (Mexican and Cora) GMS boys meet weekly as an opportunity to engage in meaningful activities and discussions centered on community, culture, and involvement while preserving and educating their peers of their Latino heritage. Led by mentor Jesse Cruz, with the support of FAST, GCSAPP, and GMS the group meets in the summer months as well.

The framework of the group, as defined by its members, is held together by people that to their best capacity aim to learn and practice, respect for others, positive thinking, listening, humor, honesty, loyalty to all communities and cultures, and to do so with confidence, trust and teamwork. For more information email Megan Dougherty or call at 970-641-7665.

This project is a collaboration between Gunnison County Family, Advocacy and Support Team (FAST), Gunnison Area Restorative Practices, GCSAPP, Gunnison County Tobacco Education and Prevention Project (GCTEPP), Gunnison Country Partners, Gunnison County Multicultural Office, and Gunnison Watershed School District.

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