Subdivision Exemption Application


In addition to completing the Administrative Project Review Application Form as specified in Section 5-104: Administrative Review Project Application, applications for subdivision exemption must include a Survey plat, which is a survey that shall be submitted and includes the below.

  • Title and description: It shall include the title, "Subdivision Exemption," and reference the property description by township and range, or by lot, parcel or tract number, as appropriate.
  • Legend: A legend shall be included on the survey mylar, clearly indicating the original boundaries, and the adjusted boundaries.
  • Surveyor's statement: A statement, followed by the land surveyor's signature and seal, certifying that the survey was performed by him/her or under his/her direct responsibility, supervision and check, and explaining how bearings, if used, were determined.
  • Attorney's opinion: Any survey plat for a subdivision exemption presented for approval shall contain this statement: Attorney's Opinion: I, (printed name of attorney), an attorney at law duly licensed to practice in the State of Colorado, hereby certify that I have examined title to all lands herein dedicated and subdivided. Such title is vested in _________________________ and is free and clear of all liens, defects, encumbrances, restrictions and reservations except as follows: (list same or indicate none).
    Dated this ______ day of ______, 20 ___.
  • Board of County Commissioners: Any survey plat for a subdivision exemption presented for approval shall contain the following statements: Board of County Commissioners' Approval: The within plat of the subdivision exemption (name of plat title in capital letters) is approved this _____ day of _____, A.D. 20_____.
    Chairperson, Board of Gunnison County Commissioners
    Attest: _______________________________
    Gunnison County Clerk and Recorder
  • Gunnison County clerk and recorder's acceptance: To be placed in the lower right-hand corner of cover sheet. Gunnison County Clerk and Recorder's Acceptance: This survey was accepted for deposit in the office of the clerk and recorder of Gunnison County, Colorado, on this _____ day of _____, 20 _____.
    Deposit Number _______. Time _______, Date ________.
    Gunnison County Clerk and Recorder