Sections refer to sections in the (LUR) Gunnison County Land Use Resolution.

Expansion of Commercial or Industrial use of 10,000 Square Feet or More

Expansion of a commercial or industrial use, existing as of the effective date of this Resolution, of 10,000 sq. ft. or more.

Large Construction Materials Operation

Any sand, gravel or quarry operation providing material that will operate for more than two years, pursuant to Division 9-400: Exploration, Extraction and Processing of Minerals and Construction Materials. Larger operations may require review under the Gunnison County Special Development Projects Regulations.

Large New or Expanded Mining Operations

New or expanded mining operations that operate for more than 180 days per year, produces more than 10,000 tons of ore / waste per year, or affects more than two surface acres of land, pursuant to Division 9-400: Exploration, Extraction, and Processing of Minerals and Construction Materials.

More than Four Units

More than four units that are subdivided lots, duplex units, or multiple-family residences.

New Commercial or Industrial - Larger Than 5,000 Square Feet or Five Acres

A new commercial or industrial use of more than 5,000 square feet of structure, or on a parcel of more than five acres, or which, because of projected traffic, hours of operation, or type of use, may be classified as a Major Impact Project, or would be the first instance of a commercial or industrial land use in an area in which no other commercial or industrial land use currently exists.

Precedent for Future Land Use That Is Different Than Existing Use

Any proposal that sets a precedent for future land use that is significantly different than existing land uses in the impact area.

Transmission Lines

Construction of a new transmission line(s) in an area in which no line(s) currently exists, but not including a project for which a Land Use Change Permit has been granted in which the design, construction, location and impacts of the utility line(s) were reviewed and approved.

Water Impoundment Projects Classified as Class I Dams

New projects, or facilities, or expansion of existing projects or facilities, that involve the design, construction, and operation of a water impoundment that includes a dam classified by the Colorado Division of Water Resources as a Class I dam, pursuant to Section 13-118: Water Impoundments.