Vision Insurance

Plan Summary
Vision insurance is also under Gunnison County's partially self-funded plan. Participants will use the NGS ID card for medical, prescriptions, dental, and vision. Vision insurance also carries a two-year commitment.

Contact Lenses
  • Contact Lenses: $150
  • Maximum payment for two contact lenses (one pair) will be equal to the maximum payment for single vision lenses plus frames
  • Exams: $50
  • One exam each 12 months
  • Frames: $100
  • One set each 24 months
  • $50 for single vision
  • $75 for bifocal
  • $100 for trifocal
  • $150 for lenticular
  • One pair each 12 months 
Information & Documents
For more information or documentation, visit the vision section of the employee forms page. You can also make vision claims online.