Foster Care Program

How to Become a Foster Parent

Gunnison County needs foster parents. Please consider becoming a foster parent (PDF) and change a life forever.

  • Foster parents can be single, married, or divorced
  • They can rent or own their home
  • They need to have a spare bedroom in their home

Listen to Gunnison County Foster Care Coordinator Joan Grant's informative February 9, 2013 interview with KBUT Radio's West Elk Word.

Monetary & Clothing Donations

Kids in Care Fund

Our program raises funds specifically for child's needs that are not covered by the state reimbursement for foster care. This may be for special gear, extra curricular activities, or items related to child safety.

How We Support Our Local Foster Families

Frequent Local Training

We strive to make annual on-going training for foster families' meaningful, high-quality, and easy to attend by offering local trainings and collaborating with the Gunnison Hinsdale Early Childhood Council in their annual conferences.

There are many ways that foster parents can access local training classes. Our program also works with each foster family individually to offer child specific training and support when needed.

Respite Care

Foster families can ask request respite care from other local foster families when needed. An example of when a foster family might need respite care is if they needed to go out of the state but were unable to bring their foster son or daughter along.