Property Tax Statement

Click on one of the files below to find and print your current property tax bill.

To find your tax bill, after opening the correct document press CTRL+F to open the search pop-up. Enter in your account number or name to locate your bill. Using your account number will be the most efficient option due to possible similar names. The list does not include any interest, fees on delinquent taxes, or any prior years taxes due.

If you decide to print your statement, make sure in the printing options you select Current Page button or you may end up printing the entire document.

2018 Tax Statements - Numerical and A to F (PDF) 

2018 Tax Statements - G to M (PDF)

2018 Tax Statements - N to S (PDF)

2018 Tax Statements - T to Z (PDF)


The owner of record should receive a Property Tax Statement for the prior year's tax by the end of January. The statement is mailed to the owner of record as their name and mailing address are listed on the Tax Roll. The Tax Roll is prepared and maintained by the county assessor.

Failure to receive a tax statement does not exempt the taxpayer from prompt payment of the taxes due. If you have not received a tax statement by February 7th, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 970-641-2231 and a duplicate statement will be mailed.

Payment as a Monthly House Payment

If you pay taxes as part of your monthly house payment, you will need to make sure that your mortgage company is paying your taxes. Usually you will receive a statement from your mortgage company showing the payment of property taxes from your escrow account.

State statutes mandate that the treasurer mail the tax statement to the owner of record, as their name and address are listed on the Tax Roll certified by the Assessor. We do not provide duplicate copies for mortgage companies, although when they contact us, we provide them with a copy of the tax roll for their convenience.