Detention Services


The purpose of the Gunnison County Detention Center is to maintain a county detention facility equal to or exceeding the requirements of Colorado revised statutes 17-26-101 through 17-26-120.

  • Provide for the care, custody, safekeeping, and confinement of inmates
  • Provide a safe, secure, and healthy living environment for inmates
  • Provide a diet of adequate nutrition
  • Provide access to necessary medical and mental care
  • Carry out all judicial orders issued to the detention center


The Gunnison County Detention Center perform regular and emergency transports, including extradition to/from other detention facilities throughout Colorado as directed by court orders or warrants.

Court Ordered Prints

The Gunnison County Detention Center provide COURT ORDERED fingerprinting. Please call ahead to set a tentative appointment with a detention deputy. All CIVIL fingerprints are provided by the Gunnison County Sheriff's Office by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call in advance to schedule at (970) 641-1113.


NOTE: Visitation Hours were updated on Monday, July 23rd, 2018

The Gunnison County Detention Center allows inmate visitation during this schedule. There is no visitation during the lunch hour. Visitation criteria are listed below:

  • You MUST have a state issued ID with you
  • You must be at least 18 years or older to visit
  • If under 18 years old you must be accompanied by your legal guardian
  • You must wear appropriate attire
  • You can only visit ONE inmate per day for a set time

Inmate Daily Roster

To view the current inmate roster click here.

Inmate Daily Menu

To view the weekly menu for inmates click here.

Cost of Care

Everyone being booked into the Gunnison County Detention Center is charged a $30.00 booking fee. Additional costs may apply. Please contact Detention Staff for further questions or concerns.

Inmate Money

If money is brought in for an inmate and they have a debt, the money will automatically go towards that debt and not their commissary. Inmates will know if they have a debt because they will have signed a receipt acknowledging the amount charged to them. Please ask them before you hand over any money. It is not the detention officers job to know if any inmate has an outstanding debt.

Inmate Property

The less you bring into the Gunnison County Detention Center the better. You are allowed to bring ONE paperback book with you during you sentence. However, when you leave the book is then donated to the Detention Center's Library. For anything else please contact the Detention Center for more information.

Bond Agencies

Local Bonding Agencies

AAA-ASAP Bonding(970) 417-0306Paul Wayne Foreman
A Bondsman(970) 901-9926Chris Osmundson

Out of County Bonding Agencies

AA Bail Bonds(970) 252-7145Dean Hergenrader
David Platt(719) 593-9000
All Access Bail Bonds(303) 660-9922Randy Riggan
Rapid Fire Bail Bonds(970) 901-2475Matthew Feier
B&D Bonding(970) 249-4802Dorothy Goff
B&D Bonding (Alt)(970) 249-2865
Dorothy Goff
Bail With Integrity(970) 240-0711Ryan or Sally Fox