Public Works

Holiday Schedule:

The Public Works and Landfill will be closed on the following days. If you have any questions please contact us at (970) 641-0044 (Public Works) or (970) 641-5522 (Landfill). Click the following link for the 2024 Holiday Schedule (PDF).

Blue Mesa ReservoirMission

The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide infrastructure construction and management services to residents, visitors, and County departments so they can travel on County roads, pursue recreational interests, and enjoy living in a more sustainable environment.

Rules and Regulations

Gunnison County has adopted the Standards and Specifications For New Construction of Roads and Bridges. Standards and Specifications for New Construction of Roads and Bridges (PDF), along with supporting documents.


Gunnison County Public Works Department issues the following permits:

  • Access Permits: An access permit is necessary any time an access will be constructed in Gunnison County.
  • Reclamation Permits: Anytime ground is disturbed for construction purposes inside the sage grouse-occupied habitat boundary OR if the total ground disturbance is at or above 10,000 square feet outside of the sage grouse habitat boundary.
  • Road Cut Permits (PDF): For any work done in, through, or under a county road.
  • Surface Alteration Permits (PDF): For any work done on the shoulder or in the right-of-way of a county road.
  • Oversize Load Permits: When transporting over length, width, height, or weight vehicles on county roads.
  • Revocable Right-of-Way Permits: For any type of improvement placed in the road right-of-way

County Plowed & Maintained Roads

The links below will show Gunnison County maintained roads for their areas. Refer to the Legend on each map for which roads are maintained and during which seasons. For questions or more information, you can call the Gunnison County Public Works Department at (970) 642-0044.

Documents for Sale

  • Gunnison County Standards and Specifications for New Construction of Roads and Bridges: The newest revision is May 2008, the cost is $15 plus shipping charges.
  • Gunnison County maintained county road maps: Three map set, cost is $30 plus shipping charges

You can also obtain information for:

  • Access Waiver of Standards
  • Private Snow Plowing Agreements
  • Street and/or Alley Vacations