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August 8, 2016 3:03 PM

Scientists from the RMBL will be releasing a nontoxic red dye into the East River on 8/9 & 9/10-9/12


Scientists from the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and Colorado School of Mines will be releasing a nontoxic red dye into the East River on two occasions in August and September, 2016.

Location: East River behind Crested Butte Mtn. down to Brush Creek.

Dates: 1) Pilot 1 hour release on Aug. 9, 2016 and 2) 1 day release during Sept.10-12, 2016

Dye details: Rhodamine WT dye is a red dye. The river will appear bright red during the release. It is not toxic and will not harm people, fish, or stream insects. In other parts of the country, the dye has been approved for use in areas with endangered species. The East River behind Crested Butte Mtn. will be red down to the confluence with Brush Creek. At the Brush Creek Road bridge the red will be diluted and will be minimally visible. When dye release is complete, the river will go back to its normal color in < 5 hours.

Purpose: The purpose of the research is to understand how groundwater upwells into rivers to affect quality and quantity of water in mountain rivers. One practical use is that this will help us understand water availability in drought years.
Permits: This research was reviewed by the U.S. Forest Service and RMBL and is under a permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service.

Contact: For more information, contact the Science Director at RMBL. 970-349-1288

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