Patient Care

About Patient Care

Patient Care Advocates will help the employees of Gunnison County navigate through the health care system and become better more informed consumers of health care.  The focus of each Advocate is to help members understand their benefits and make informed health care decisions.

Advocates assist members by answering questions about their medical, dental and vision benefits as well as FSA, and HSA issues.  Members can connect with an Advocate via phone, email, or by using Patient Care’s mobile app.  Every incoming call will be answered by a person and they will provide their name, extension and email address for easy interaction.

Covered employees, their enrolled dependents, as well as parents and in-laws will have full access to the Advocates.  All services are provided in English and Spanish.

Services Provided

Benefits Education:
  • Answer benefit questions
  • Clarify out of pocket costs for services
  • Explain pharmacy benefits
  • Answer HSA and FSA questions
  • Research in-network physician/facilities
Member Advocacy:
  • Resolve claims and billing issues
  • Assist with referrals and prior authorization
  • Coordinate appeals
  • Locate providers and make doctor’s appointments
Cost Transparency:
  • Compare cost and quality between providers
  • Explain savings for member choices
  • Educate members about their options

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