Tobacco Resources and Education


General Resources

  • Serves as a resource to connect Coloradans to cessation support, prevention, and tobacco resources including videos, facts, print materials, and a downloadable app.

Secondhand Smoke

Do you have questions on the health effects of secondhand smoke, how it effects your home, kids or workplace? 

Check out TobaccoFreeCO for more information.
Secondhand Smoke Facts


E-cigarettes or electronic nicotine devices (ENDs) are battery powered devices used to heat and vaporize a solution that can contain nicotine.
Get the facts about e-cigs at  TobaccoFreeCO.
Vaping and the Health Dangers of E-Cigs
CDC Electronic Cigarette Fact Sheet

Youth Resources

Tobacco is Nasty

    Tobacco Is Nasty raises teen awareness about tobacco and supports tobacco-free lifestyles.

N-O-T Not On Tobacco

Tar Wars

  • Tar Wars is a tobacco-free education program for 4th and 5th graders.

Through With it Toolkit for Educators

  •  Through With Chew Toolkit for Educators is a tool kit for educators to call attention to the dangers of smokeless tobacco products.  

Second Chance

  • Second Chance is an online suspension alternative program for teens who violate school or community tobacco-free policies.

College Campus Resources 

  • truth campaign works to support the next generation to be tobacco-free and fight big tobacco companies. It focuses on college age students and campuses to have tobacco-free policies, hold events, and use social media to tell the truth about tobacco.
In the USA and the state of Colorado tobacco use remains the number ONE cause of preventable disease and death.
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Health Educator
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