1. Adolescents

    Services designed for adolescents.

  2. Aging Adults

    Senior Resources

  3. Community Development Forms & Permits

    Use the Citizen Access portal to track and monitor your community development forms, permits, licenses, and projects.

  4. Controlling Noxious Weeds

    Learn how the county controls noxious weeds throughout the community.

  5. Family & Youth Services

    View information regarding available Family and Youth services.

  6. Jobs

    View available employment opportunities within the Gunnison County organization.

  7. Property Record Search

    Browse through the Gunnison County assessor property record search by map, owner name, parcel name, account number, and more.

  8. Public Trustee

    View the weekly sale and auction list and contact the treasurer if you have any questions.

  9. Trash Disposal

    Gather information about how the county handles trash disposal throughout the community.

  10. Travel Info & Documents

    Information on airport shuttles, automobile registrations, airline flights, interactive maps, road closures and maintenance schedules.

  11. Utilities

    View information about the utilities offered by the county.

  12. Young Adults

    Services designed for young adults.

  13. Young Children

    Services designed for young children.

  14. Veterans' Services

    Veterans' Services