Emergency Plans & 72 hr Kits

Emergency Plan: There are several types of emergencies your family should be prepared for. Some emergencies can be short lived, such as power outages or utility main break. Some emergencies could last longer, such as natural disasters & pandemics. Having an emergency plan for your family will help alleviate confusion when an emergency occurs. Important components of this emergency plan should be:
  • How will family members communicate? Keep in mind that in some circumstances, regular phone service and cell phone service may be unavailable.
  • Where will your family reunite? Select a location that all family members are familiar with to meet up, if you should become separated?
  • Where will your family reunite if the disaster occurs when you are not at home?
  • How to evacuate the building you are in? 
  •  How will you keep your pets and animals safe?
  • How to turn off your utilities?
  • Know the location of your 72 hr Emergency Kits.
72 Hour Emergency Kits: A disaster could occur at any moment of the day. Create a 72 hour emergency kit so that you will be prepared if a disaster strikes. A 72 hour emergency kit is a collection of food, water, and supplies that you may need during an emergency to last your family three days.
  • WATER: Store at least 3 days of water for each family member. That is 1 gallon of water per person, per day.
  • FOOD: pack non-perishable items that require no refrigeration.
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Medications 
  •  Sanitary Supplies
  • Money
  • Rotate food & water in your kits every 6 months.

Things to Consider: As you put together your emergency kits, and develop your plans, whether for your family or business, it is important to consider the following facts about Gunnison County. One of the appealing aspects of living here is how rural and isolated this area is. While most of us embrace this type of lifestyle, it presents unique challenges in terms of preparing for and responding to large scale emergencies and disasters. Gunnison, Crested Butte and the smaller towns in the county are some of the most isolated and hard to reach communities in the state. If the unthinkable happens, it takes outside help longer to get here on a good day. Inclement weather could further complicate the issue by potentially closing roads and the airport.

Our winter-time temperatures are frequently some of the coldest in the nation. Sub-freezing, and even sub-zero temperatures are not uncommon, and can last for weeks at a time. As such, when putting together your emergency kits and plans, measures should be taken to address the extreme cold that can occur here.
The following links can assist with creating your emergency plans and 72 hr kits: