Legalization makes the conversation more complicated…but you still need to have it. 

Kids whose parents talk to them about the dangers and consequences of drug use are more likely to choose not to use.

This video is an introduction to Marijuana -- Marijuana 101.  It's important to know about the plant and substances within the plant.

Zip it Up!  And tell them. 

Don’t keep marijuana edibles where children and pets can access them.  Tell your children about edibles and create a rule with young children;

"In our family, we don't eat candy or treats at other people's houses unless they are offered to us."

Marijuana products are getting easier to access and the variety of products makes it more appealing and harder to detect use.  Talk early and often about drugs and encourage your kids to remain substance free.

Below are a few links that will access great resources to support your conversation with your child (no matter how old they may be).  While marijuana is legal -- it is legal for ADULTS 21 and over.  There is a reason for this.

Until the age of 25 (plus or minus a year) our brains are developing.  Our brains develop back to front -- which leaves our frontal cortex as the last to develop.  This is our decision making, problem solving, and long-term thinking abilities.

Introduce any substance, marijuana included, into our brains at this time and we significantly increase the possibility for long term consequences we would rather like to avoid.  Research is suggesting there are consequences from using marijuana consistently in our teenage years that can last with us for our lifetime.  And it always comes down to this:

9 out of 10 adults with drug problems, began using drugs when they were teens.