The Gunnison County Sheriff's Office provides non-criminal fingerprinting.  All court-ordered fingerprinting is performed by the Gunnison County Detention Center.  Although our fingerprint machine is a LiveScan machine, we do not transmit any civil prints. All prints are printed out on a card.  ALL fingerprints are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call in advance to schedule a time to get them done. 

The Gunnison County Sheriff's Office charges a $10.00 fee for a set of fingerprints. 

Infomation you will need to bring
It is not the Gunnison County Sheriff's Office responsibility to know all the reason codes and information that need to be entered on your fingerprint card(s). Please be prepared with all the appropriate information when you come to the Sheriff's Office. Your employer, association, department or whomever is requesting that you get prints taken should be able to tell you what you are getting the prints done for (i.e., reason for prints section on the card). You are also required to bring a state issued ID.  Print the Civil Fingerprint Information Sheet and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment.