Apply For

  1. Board or Commission

    View information about each board and commission and how to become apart of one.

  2. Building Permit

    Learn how to obtain a Building Permit.

  3. Burn Permit

    Access the information to get a Burn Permit.

  4. Concealed Handgun Permitting

    Gather the required information that you need to know about concealed handgun permitting.

  5. Electrical Permits

    Obtain information and requirements on how to get a permit to do electrical work.

  6. Employment

    Browse through and apply for available job openings in the County.

  7. Floodplain Permits

    Peruse through the details about a Floodplain Permit and the requirements there are to obtain one.

  8. ISDS Permits

    Get a Individual Sewer Drainage System (ISDS) Permit.

  9. Land Use Change Permits

    View information regarding permits related to changing a land usage.

  10. Outdoor Vending Permit

    Review information regarding outdoor vending and how to obtain a permit to sell goods.

  11. Plumbing Permits

    Find the right permit and information to fill out in order to conduct plumbing services.

  12. Well Permits

    Research what you need to know about getting a Well Permit.