Smoking Policy

Smoke-Free Environment
Due to the acknowledged hazards from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, it shall be the policy of Gunnison County to provide a smoke-free environment for all employees and visitors.

Policy Specifics

The following specifics of the policy will be:
  • There will be no smoking within or on the county facilities identified.
  • There will be no smoking within five yards of the perimeter of any county building identified.
  • This policy is applicable to the following county facilities and property:
    • Blackstock Government Center
    • Crested Butte Shop
    • Dos Rios Water Treatment Plant
    • Doyleville Shop
    • Family Services Center
    • Gunnison County Courthouse
    • Gunnison County Detention Facility
    • Gunnison County Library
    • Gunnison County Public Works Facility
    • Gunnison / Crested Butte Regional Airport
    • Marble Shop
    • Old Rock Branch Library
    • Somerset Shop
  • There will be no smoking in any county vehicle.
  • To safeguard the health of employees and the public, smoking during the performance of job duties, unless they are in an employee’s own vehicle or home and no county client is present, shall be prohibited for all Gunnison County employees. This prohibition shall not include lunch breaks and rest periods taken outside the prohibited areas.
  • Any employee who violates this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action as defined in Section 11 of the personnel policies.