Resolution Procedures

Informal Discussion
The employee should first attempt to resolve the complaint through informal, solution oriented, discussions with his or her immediate supervisor. If the object of the complaint is the supervisor or his/her actions and the employee fears retaliation, or if it is not comfortable for the employee to speak with the immediate supervisor, the employee may go to the next supervisory level or to the human resources director. The employee will then be provided the opportunity to discuss the complaint with the employee’s supervisor in a retaliation free atmosphere. 

If the complaint involves allegations of discrimination based upon age (40 and over), race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or any other status protected by state or local law, i.e. sexual harassment, it may be discussed confidentially with the human resources director or any other member of management to determine the appropriate step where the complaint resolution process shall begin.

Written Complaint
If the complaint cannot be resolved at the department level, the employee may direct a written complaint to the human resources director. If the complaint involves the human resources director, the employee may direct the written complaint to the assistant county manager. The written notification must state the employee’s name, job title, nature of the complaint, the employee’s comments regarding the situation, and the employee’s signature. 

Action upon Receipt of Written Complaint
Within three working days of receipt of the written complaint, Gunnison County management will begin undertaking a thorough investigation.

The investigation will be conducted by the assistant county manager or their designated representative(s). All persons involved in the investigation should be as discrete as possible.

Response to Written Complaint
A written response to the complaint will be issued to the complainant within 60 working days from the date that the complaint is received. If the county finds the complaint is found to be of merit, action will be taken; and if appropriate, offenders shall be subject to disciplinary action, potentially including termination. 

If the complaint involves the assistant county manager, then the human resource director or their representative(s) will conduct the investigation.

Time Limits
Within five working days of any eligible action, an employee may invoke the complaint resolution process. Failure of an employee to file a complaint in a timely manner may be considered a waiver of all rights to the complaint resolution process.

Extension of Time Limits
All time limits set forth in this Section 11 must be honored as specified, except that any time limit may be reasonably extended if, in the opinion of the assistant county manager there is just reason. Parties shall be notified of the extension and the reasons therefore put in writing. County extensions will be made prior to the expiration of the time limit requested to be extended.