Getting on the Board

Election of Board Members
An election shall be held in December of each year:
  • Even years to elect two representatives from county departments other than public works.
  • Odd years to elect one representative from the Public Works Department and two representatives from the other county departments.
Notice of such election will be made by email posting and / or posting by each department. Intent to be included on the ballot must be made, in writing, to the Human Resources office by close of business on the third Friday in November.

Ballot Order
The order of candidates on the ballot will be selected at random, and a ballot will be included in the November paychecks. A ballot box will be placed in the Elections office, and ballots may be deposited there through close of business on the third Friday in December. 

Counting Ballots
Representatives of three departments of the county shall count ballots on the first working day following the close of election. A write-in candidate will be counted if that candidate has expressed, in writing to the Human Resources office, a willingness to serve on the board before the day of the counting of the ballots. County public works employees shall choose the public works representative. All other county employees shall choose the representatives from non-public works departments.

Voting Restrictions
In no case shall other county departments vote for the public works representative nor shall the public works employees vote for the other county representatives. The winners of such election will be determined by plurality vote and shall be announced by email notice and postings.

Election of Position Members
At the first Personnel Board meeting, following each annual election, a board chairperson, vice chairperson, and representative to the disciplinary review panel will be elected by the board.

All offices shall be held by employee representatives, who are not elected officials or a non-elected department head.

Appointment of Board Members
The county manager shall be responsible for appointing a non-elected department head to the Personnel Board at the end of the incumbent member’s two year term.

In addition, if a situation occurs where any member of the board that has been elected by the employees must relinquish his / her position on the board before the end of their appointed term, the county manager will appoint an employee to serve in that person’s stead for the remainder of the designated term.