Women and Infant Children Program


Women and Infant Children (WIC) Program is a nutrition program for:

  • Breast-feeding women - up to one year postpartum
  • Children until the age of 5 years
  • Infants
  • Non-breastfeeding, postpartum women (up to 6 months postpartum)
  • Pregnant women

WIC provides:

  • Nutrition education including breast-feeding support
  • Nutritious foods to supplement a person’s regular diet
  • Screening and referral


  • Choose MyPlate.govto learn more about healthy and nutritious eating.
  • Good and Cheap is a cookbook to help you learn how to make nutritious meals on a budget. Click the link Good and Cheap  to download for free!
  • The Family Healthline is a statewide telephone resource for parents, women, and families to find information about health care providers, programs, and services. The Healthline helps callers, especially pregnant women and their families, find needed healthcare for themselves and their children by providing up-to-date information about many financial and health programs including:
    • health insurance
    • local WIC offices
    • immunization clinics
    • medical providers/clinics
    • mental health services
    • other health-related issues
    Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm ~ 303-692-2229 (Denver metro) ~ 1-800-688-7777 (toll free), Se habla español.