Medical Care Vouchers

Updates About the Program
As of May 3, 2013 we have depleted our funding for this program for adult services. We have applied for additional grant funds. Also beginning January 2014, through the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid will be expanding and may be another resource for access to health care for low income individuals. Assistance to get on the expanded Medicaid is being developed through human services.

Light Program
The Light Program is a low income sliding fee scale voucher that provides the uninsured access to healthcare. All primary care physicians and practitioners in the valley are participating in this program.

Qualifying clients who meet the Federal Poverty Level guidelines will pay $20 - $35 for an office visit. The goal of this program is to provide access to healthcare without duplicating services offered elsewhere in the valley. If a client can receive services or financial support from another program, they will be referred to that program first.

Vouchers for Children

Vouchers for children include primary, mental health, dental, and vision care.


The Light Program is funded by grants and private donations. Call public health at 970-641-0209 for more information on qualifying. A limited number of vouchers are available.