Property Tax Payments

Click here to find account balances. For accounts with tax liens, contact our office for amount due.

Treasurer's Office Disclaimer
Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the public information data, Gunnison County cannot be responsible for consequences resulting from any omissions or errors contained herein.

Half & Full Payments
Payments may be paid in two equal installments or in one full installment. To avoid penalty interest charges, the first half must be paid by the last day of February and the second half must be paid by June 15th. If taxes are paid in one installment, payment must be made by April 30th.

When the tax amount is $25 or less, the half-payment option does not apply, therefore a single payment must be received by April 30th. Payments bearing U.S. postmarks reflective of these dates are acceptable. If your payment is delinquent, penalty interest is added to the tax amount. 

If a due date falls on a holiday or weekend, payments will be accepted on the following business day with no delinquent interest.

Partial Payments
Only HALF or FULL payments will be accepted. Partial payments are not acceptable. All payments must be made in U.S. funds and drawn on a U.S. bank.

Interest Charges

If paid in installments, interest charges on the first half begins March 1 and interest on the second half beginning June 16. If paying full, interest charges begin May 1. 

Interest must be included with payment or your payment will be returned to you. Calculate as follows: 
Payment Month First Half (%) Second Half (%) Full Payment (%) Total Tax less than $25 (%)
March 1

April 2

May 3
1 1
June 1 - 15 4
2 2
June 16 - 30 4 1 2 2
July 5 2 3 3
August 6 3 4 4

Payments After August
Please contact the Treasurer's Office at 970-641-2231 for proper amount of interest and other fees.

Checks subject to collections. $20 fee will be charged for all checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

Credit Card Payments
You can pay your property taxes with either a credit card or a debit card by clicking Online Payments on the left side of this page.  Make sure you have all your information handy such as account number and correct amount owed otherwise your payment may not go through properly.  There is a fee for this convenience, it's 2.25% of the total amount charged plus an .75 cent administration fee.

E-check Payments
You can pay with an E-check by clicking Online Payments on the left the same way you would pay with a credit card.  Make sure you have your checking account and routing numbers available.  The fee for this convenience is $1.00.